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Life is Incredible

Posted: September 16, 2018

In a time when media is filled with words and images that can take us to some very dark places and cause us to question whether everything is worth it, I think it's important to remember these two truths: life is incredible and people are capable of amazing things.

Humanity began our journey in East Africa and spread across the globe. We scaled mountains, deserts, tundra, and jungles, and we were able to adapt to all those environments and use what we found there to better ourselves and our situation. And this humble species has continued to grow. We mastered the wheel, we developed langauge and writing and we built the printing press. We've written poems, great novels, and moving plays, painted great pieces of art, scuplted beautiful statues, drawn hilarious comics. We built the Colloseum, the Pyramids, the Great Wall. We invented beautiful musical instruments and wrote brilliant symphonies. We discovered the secrets of science and mathematics. We harnessed the power of electrons to light up the dark, capture images for posterity, and instantly communicate with people a world away. We learned to fly, we've sent machines to the outer edges of our Solar System, and human beings have walked upon the surface of the moon.

There have been struggles. There will be ups and downs. We've been on the brink before and survived and it will probably happen again. But always remember: life is incredible and people are capable of amazing things.

There Has To Be A Better Way

Posted: March 28, 2018

We don't seem to be able to have a constuctive conversation about differences of opinion anymore. I'll forego trying to place blame, but it should suffice to say that we don't seem to be interested in listening. We absolutely have to find a way to discuss issues with clear heads and open ears. Unfortunately we're only interested in shouting louder than our opponents and it's ripping us apart.

Today I saw an article about a group of vegans protesting in front of a small local business that serves deer meat. They were disrupting the owner's legal and legitimate business so he responded by bringing out a deer leg and carving it in front of them. And you know what? Neither side of this argument handled it well because we don't handle differences of opinion well at all. There are two problems at work here. One, that we've become obsessed with other people's private lives and two, that we aren't willing to listen. Stop talking for a second. Listen. Respect other adult human beings' decisions if they don't affect you.

Why is that so hard?

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