Final Fantasy III - Glitchless - No Manipulation

By Binarynova

About The Route

This route is designed as a “beginner-friendly” or “safe” glitchless route through Final Fantasy III for the Famicom. This route was designed to be used with the famous fan translation coded by Alex W. Jackson, Neill Corlett, and translated by SoM2Freak. Their translation patch can be found here. Other translations may or may not work, though other translations tend to have longer scripts or have made significant changes to the gameplay, so I don’t recommend them.

This route uses Cure spells or Potions to skip encounters at pre-determined locations, but does not require any knowledge of RNG manipulation techniques and every boss fight can be beaten through “standard” RPG tactics, some grinding, and with a little bit of luck. Therefore this route will be longer than the fastest runs you can see on speedrunning leaderboards. No one is beating baku_zero’s fully manipulated run any time soon.

Re: Emulators and Flash Carts

Some emulators, despite being highly accurate, do not load the RAM with values in a way that the NES does. In Final Fantasy III this manifests through encounters occurring at different positions from a hard reset.

Suggested Avoid
FCEUX 2.3.0
BizHawk 2.6.1
Everdrive N8

In the first room, if you grab the right chest (Potion) and walk to the left chest (Leather Shield) and don’t get an encounter right next to the chest your encounters are incorrect.

Guide to Color-Coded Tables

Color-coded tables help highlight the most important things you need to do. Menuing with a ** in the title is intended to be done during an upcoming encounter skip.

Items to Pick Up Boss Strats Menuing** Shopping

Altar Cave (Room 1)