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BotW Item Respawn Locations

Inpsired by (and some locations from) this post on Reddit. All of these respawn after a Blood Moon.

I'm trying to only list item spawns that are quick to get to, so if they seem out of the way, it's probably because they're right next to a shrine. Also, some overworld item spawns and enemy weapons scale with your progress in the story, so some of these items may change based on how many Divine Beasts you've completed (the more Divine Beasts, the better the quality).

Item NameItem Location
Edge of DualityNW of Gerudo tower in a cave blocked by boulders (use Stasis).
Double AxeBehind the Woodland Stable, west of Mirro Shaz shrine.
Eightfold BladeStabbed into a rock on the highest peak immediately west of Kakariko Village.
Farmer's PitchforkEast of Ha Dahamar Shrine, leaning near the Dueling Peaks Stable.
Gerudo ScimitarSee Edge of Duality.
Gerudo SpearSee Edge of Duality.
Golden BowSee Edge of Duality.
Golden ClaymoreWest of Central Tower, on Satori Mountain, on ledge SSE of Mogg Latan shrine, same ledge where a Stalnox spawns at night.
Great FlamebladeOn the giant tree stump across the bridge at Ancient Tree Stump directly west of the Hyrule Field Central Tower.
Great ThunderbladeNNW of Tabantha Tower on Nero Hill, south of Rito Village, between three large stone pillars.
Guardian WeaponsGuardians in "Test of Strength" shrines respawn and can be easily farmed.
Iron SledgehammerThere are two leaning against the Abandoned House in Hateno Village, SW of the shrine.
Knight’s HalberdThere's a Hinox SSW of Rito Village. One shot to the eye will stun him long enough to take it.
Korok LeafBehind the Chaas Qeta shrine on Tenoko Island in the middle of the Necluda Sea.
Radiant ShieldSee Edge of Duality.
Royal BowSee Knight’s Halberd.
Royal BroadswordSee Knight’s Halberd.
Royal ClaymoreStuck into the top of the skull above Woodland Tower.
Silver LongswordBehind the Ne’ez Yohma shrine in Zora’s Domain.
Silver ShieldWest bridge out of Zora's Domain, next to a wooden box.
Solider's BroadswordSee Double Axe.
Solider's SpearBehind the Woodland Stable, on the path to Mirro Shaz shrine.
Swallow BowIn Rito Village, when entering via the Akh Va'quot shrine, turn right and it's in the second house.
TorchJust inside Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.
Woodcutter's AxeBehind Dueling Peaks Stable, east of Ha Dahamar Shrine.
Zora SpearIn the pool beneath the stairs to throne room in Zora's Domain.
Zora SwordSee Silver Shield.