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Final Fantasy PS1 Walkthrough

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1. Walk to the Temple of Chaos and defeat Garland. speak with Sarah to return to Cornelia Castle. Speak with Sarah in the castle to receive the Lute.

2. Cross the new bridge and walk east to Pravoca. Speak with Bikke the Pirate and defeat his crew to obtain the Ship.

The Sleeping Prince

3. Sail to Elfheim. Walk west from Elfheim to the Marsh Cave. On the bottom level of the Marsh Cave you'll find the Crown. Leave the Marsh Cave and walk north to the Western Keep.

4. Speak with the "King" to give him the Crown. Defeat Astos to recieve the Crystal Eye.

5. Take the Crystal Eye to Matoya, north of Cornelia, to receive the Jolt Tonic.

6. Give the Jolt Tonic to Elfheim's sleeping prince to revive him and receive the Mystic Key.

7. In Cornelia Castle use the Mystic Key to unlock a door behind which you'll find the Nitro Powder.

8. Take the Nitro Powder to Mt. Duergar and give it to the dwarf near the southern tunnel to blow open a canal.

The Earth Crystal

9. Sail west to Melmond. Walk south to the Terra Cavern fight the Vampire. In the chest behind him you'll find the Star Ruby.

10. Leave the Terra Cavern and walk west to the Titan's Cave. Give the Star Ruby to the Titan and continue through to the Sage's Cave. Speak with the sage to receive the Earth Rod.

11. Return to the Terra Cavern, past the Vampire's room and use the Earth Rod on the stone plate to continue your descent. Defeat Lich to restore light to the Earth Crysal.

12. Sail to Crescent Lake and speak with the Circle of Sages to get the Canoe.

The Fire Crystal

13.* Paddle your way to Mt. Gulg and defeat Marilith to restore light to the Fire Crystal.

14.* Go to the Ice Cavern to find the Levistone. Take the Levistone to the desert south of Crescent Lake to uncover the Airship.

15.* Fly (or sail) to the Citadel of Trials and find the Rat's Tail. Take the tail to Bahamut in the Dragon's Cave to get the Class Change.

The Water Crystal

16. Purchase the Bottled Faerie at the Caravan. Use the Bottled Faerie to release the Faerie inside. Go to Gaia and speak with the Faerie to recieve the Oxyale.

17. Go to Onlak, and descend into the Sunken Shrine. On one extreme of the Sunken Shrine, find the Rosetta Stone and on the other defeat Kraken to restore the light of the Water Crystal.

The Wind Crystal

18. In Melmond, speak with Dr. Unne (with the Rosetta Stone) to learn to speak Lufenian. Head to Lufenia and receive the Bell.

19. North of Onlak, go to the Waterfall Cave and make your way to the end to get the Warp Cube.

20. Fly to the Mirage Tower, using the Bell and Warp Cube to enter and proceed to the Flying Fortress.

21. Find Adamantite in the Flying Fortress and then defeat Tiamat and restore the light to the Wind Crystal.


22. In Mt. Duergar, give the Adamantite to the smith to obtain Excalibur.

23. Return to the Temple of Chaos and use the Black Crystal to go back in time.

24. Make your way through the maze-like Temple of Chaos of the past and defeat Chaos, ending the 2000-year time loop!

* These can be done in any order. As a matter of fact, once you have the Airship you can defeat Marilith, Kraken, and Tiamat in basically any order.