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ROM Hack: "Ninja Gaiden III - Restored PLUS" for Ninja Gaiden III

This hack is an addendum to the “Ninja Gaiden III - Restored” hack. MottZilla's hack did a lot to revert the changes of the U.S. version of Ninja Gaiden III, but it left a few things intact and this patch aims to revert those as well.

MottZilla’s original hack fixes enemy damage, unlimited continues, and adds a new password system to match the Famicom release.

This patch focuses on a few additional changes, namely:

  • The enemy spawn and item pickup locations, counts, and types have been changed to match the Famicom version.
  • Ryu now respawns at the beginning of the stage he died on, to match the Famicom.
  • Spikes and quicksand now do 3 bars of damage (more information on this in the readme.txt).

This hack can be used alone, but is intended to be used with MottZilla's "Restored" hack. Doing so is about as close as you can get to playing the original Famicom version of the game as intended with the official English script.

Downloads: Direct download or check out its page at here!

Windows Program: LiveSplit Run "Averager"

I've become less interested in having a single fast PB and more interested in having consistently fast-ish runs. To that end I wrote a program that can open your LiveSplit splits file (*.lss) and calculate a few interesting stats: the overall average of all complete runs, the average of the last 5 completed runs, and the average of the last 10 completed runs. It shouldn't do anything to the file (but always back up your splits just in case!!).

It requires Windows with .NET Framework 4.6 installed.

Downloads: version 1.0

Windows Program: Tracker for Chrono Trigger "Jets of Time" Randomizer

To keep my C# skills from declining during the wonderful summer of 2020, I thought it would be fun to throw try to write a tracking program for the "Jets of Time" Chrono Trigger randomizer. You can use this to keep track of where you need to go and what you still need to find while doing randomizer runs.

It is based on the logic from version 2.0.2 of the "Jets of Time" randomizer. It requires Windows with .NET Framework 4.6 installed.

Downloads: version 1.0

Custom Map: "Fear Arena" for Jedi Knight II

Back when I was playing a lot of Jedi Outcast I made this arena-style map for my clan at the time (<FeaR>). It still works pretty well for multiplayer, but becuase I didn't add bot routes it can't be played versus bots, limiting it's playability somewhat. This map really means a lot to me, for many reasons. Mostly, it shows that I can actually have the patience to learn a new piece of software and finish a project when I put my mind to it! These days it seems like I start more projects than I finish.

Downloads: the first release (1.0) or the latest version (2.0).

ROM Hack: "Job System Improvement" for Final Fantasy III

This is my first Assembly hack for a game.

Here's what it does!

Downloads: Direct download or check out its page at here!