Binarynova's Realm

RPG Job Randomizer

I threw together a program that allows you to randomize your job selection in popular "job-system" based RPGs like Final Fantasy V and Bravely Default.

You can download it here or check it out on GitHub.

"Fear Arena" for Jedi Knight II

Back when I was playing a lot of Jedi Outcast I made this arena-style map for my clan at the time (<FeaR>). It still works pretty well for multiplayer, but becuase I didn't add bot routes it's no good for Player vs. Bots. This map really means a lot to me, for many reasons. Mostly, it shows that I can actually have the patience to learn a new piece of software and finish a project when I put my mind to it! These days it seems like I start more projects than I finish.

The original JKfiles websites are long gone, but luckily someone saved a mirror of them. You can find the map files (as well as a description and screenshots) here (v1.0) or here (v2.0).

Item Locations in Breath of the Wild

This is a pretty small project, but maybe someone will get some use out of it. I compiled a small (incomplete) list of where weapons can be quickly/easily found in "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild"

BotW Item List