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Stardew Valley Mods

  • Instant Tool Upgrades - This mod makes Clint give you your upgraded tools immediately. No more waiting two days for your important tools!

"Restored PLUS" for Ninja Gaiden III

This patch is intended to be used with Mottzilla's “Restored” hack. MottZilla's hack restores enemy damage, unlimited continues, and adds a password system.

This patch restores enemy spawns, item locations, and Ryu's respawn location. Also spikes and quicksand now do less damage.

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"Job System Improvement" for Final Fantasy III

This patch makes several changes to the job system.

Capacity Points have been removed so changing jobs is free and the Job Menu now shows Job Skill level. Changing jobs will remove equipment automatically and several extra related prompts have been removed.

This patch is intended to be used with the fan translation by Alex W. Jackson, Neill Corlett, and SoM2Freak.

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